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Elias Serrano

What is The Entrepreneurs Journey Podcast?

Entrepreneur Elias Serrano is on a mission to use storytelling and podcasting to build a community of diverse professionals dedicated to the same vision – to inclusively help minority, LGBTQ+ and all entrepreneurs connect to the expert resources needed to create sustainable businesses.

Building a business is hard. And often more challenging for those from more marginalized communities. Through The Entrepreneurs Journey, your path could be simpler with the support, encouragement and wisdom of those who’ve already made the trek. Join Elias for each podcast episode rich with practical tips and invaluable resources.


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My purpose is to help support the dreams of entrepreneurs — especially minority and LBGTQ+ entrepreneurs — who may be considering launching a business or need a little inspiration to kickstart growth.

In each episode of The Entrepreneurs Journey podcast, my special guests — entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and industries — discuss meaningful lessons they’ve learned in their brand-building journeys. My guests are entrepreneurs who have dared to start their own businesses and those who want to leverage their talents and experiences to support small business owners.

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My Story

Embrace Failure. Boldly.

I am an entrepreneur still on a journey. And I’m no stranger to startups.

In fact, my entrepreneurial journey began as 12-year-old when I had the fortitude to sell my services cleaning for a business in my Philadelphia neighborhood. Since then, I’ve been involved in dreaming up, launching and growing many businesses –- including some multi-million-dollar ones.

But has every one of my projects been a rousing success? Absolutely not and I have no problem sharing that. I’m proud and grateful that, through both successes and missteps, I’ve learned so much.

Through The Entrepreneurs Journey, I hope to inspire minority business leaders by sharing my lessons learned and those of my guests. 


Podcasts & Blogs

Motivation and Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Season One Finale

In this episode, we’re looking back at the insights our guests have shared this season. Listen in as we reflect on the struggles they experienced and learn from the solutions they found. Stay tuned for season two when we’ll bring you more powerful conversations with entrepreneurs full of advice and inspiration for the business-builder in us all.

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You Are Never Ready, Just Start! with Gloria Jimenez

Gloria Jimenez is passionate about mastering what interests her most and giving others the same opportunity. After moving from Peru to the United States, Gloria spent years honing her marketing and event planning skills. And her hard work has paid off, today she serves on multiple boards, can be seen on TV, and she’s also taking the entrepreneurial world by storm.

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Everything Starts With You! with Mario Alberto Lomeli

Mario Albert Lomeli knows what it means to work from the ground up. An heir to his family’s cultural traditions, he immersed himself in the restaurant world and has spent twenty years working as anything from a buser to a manager learning the industry from the inside out.

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You Are Your Only Competition with Frank Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez knows better than anyone how to make the best out of a hairy situation. He grew up watching his mother run multiple businesses in El Salvador, and took a special liking to her hair salon. After a family crisis, he decided it was time to utilize this passion and take the leap to start his own business.

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Fear is not an option! with Melissa LeEllen and Jesse Biondi

Wanting to change the world might seem like a steep ambition, but Melissa LeEllen and Jesse Biondi aim to do just that. When they were laid off from their day jobs, this husband-and-wife team stared fear straight in the face, and began building a global enterprise they hope will give a voice to others.

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